Work Habits

Here in Henrico County, students recieve a “grade” for Work Habits. Each grade level has specific work habits that students are evaluated upon and results in a mark of S (Satisfactory) or N (Needs Improvement). Areas of concern are indicated with an X. ┬áHere is what they are for each grade level:

K-2 Work Habits

K2Work Habits1

3-5 Work Habits


We reviewed data from the Work Habits section of the report cards and found that during the 2014-2015 school year, 8-13% of students in grades K-5 received a mark of Needs Improvement (N) during at least one marking period. We also looked at the data regarding concerns brought to our Intervention Team. Last year, 70% of the Intervention Team Requests for Assistance (teachers seeking support/expressing concern for a student) were due to concerns with attention/focus/work habits that were significantly impacting academic performance.

We know that executive function skills and attention contribute to a student’s Work Habits. Rather than teacher specific activities to strengthen executive functions, we chose to focus on Work Habits and provide a variety of executive function activities and strategies that could help support these habits.Each month, we focused on one Work Habit:

October: Listens Attentively

November: Follows Directions

January: Practices Organizational Skills

February: Participates in class activities/discussions

March: Uses time wisely/completes all assignments on time

April: Works Independently

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