November: Following Directions

It’s November so we are focusing on improving student’s ability (willingness) to Follow Directions. This goes nicely with Listens Attentively… students can’t be expected follow directions if they don’t listen attentively. So now that we have them listening, let’s get them doing what we asked. Following Directions is a Work Habit that relies upon attention and every single Executive Function (organizing, prioritizing, flexibility, working memory, and self-monitoring/regulation). Almost any activity you can think of will involve as aspect of following directions. It is probably helpful to think about your students individually and think about what skill is inhibiting their ability or willingness to follow directions. Browse through some activities and see what may help. These can be done as a whole group, in pairs, or individually. As always, these are activities that may improve the skill over time but not necessarily an activity that will help the student follow the exact direction you just gave. Check out some accommodation ideas to help with this!

Following Directions Activities (some classroom accommodations are also listed there!)

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